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autor: Tichavský Radek
10. 12. 2018
Nepřítomnost na katedře a zrušení konzultačních hodin 11.12.

autor: Lenart Jan
10. 12. 2018
KH odpadají

autor: Tichavský Radek
31. 10. 2018
Zrušení výuky GLOBZ 1.11.

autor: Tichavský Radek
22. 10. 2018
Zrušení konzultačních hodin a zrušení výuky PLAZC 30.10.

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Zajímavosti | Konference pro mladé geografy

Konference pro mladé geografy

Zajímavou možnost prezentace pro mladé geografy nabízí IX. GeoSymposium, které se bude konat v září tohoto roku v Polsku. Více informací níže nebo rovnou na webu akce.

This conference is dedicated for young researchers, starting from master and PhD students to young PhDs, interested in Earth Science – geology, geography, geophysics, environmental protection etc. The interdisciplinary nature of this meeting creates unique opportunity to demonstrate contemporary trends in geosciences, and builds a platform upon which it is possible to exchange participants' experiences. Nowadays works carried out on the edge of several fields possess the most important meaning. Especially in the case of environmental research due to the complexity of the problems it is crucial to have differentiated approach. The nature of Geosmposium is to promote constructive discussion on raised issues from a variety of points of view. That is the source of its high potential to contribute to improvement of the current work of young researchers and establish collaboration on joint projects between them in the future.
This year's Geosymposium of Young Researchers will be the ninth meeting since the first edition in 2007. Since 2014 GeoSymposium has received the rank of an international. This demonstrates the need for this type of activity and the positive effects exerted on the community of young researchers.
The Conference will be held in the north part of the Czestochowa – Cracov Upland in the September 2016.


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